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Unorthodox upskilling

Wondering how to grow your skills without spending an arm and leg, quitting your current job or going back to school?

Our 3 part series gives unorthodox upskilling methods without changing much of your current context And just a heads up, studies show that some of the most critical skills for the future will include:

  • Problem solving
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Adaptation
  • Ability to engage and influence diverse stakeholders for collaboration.

Get out of your own way; 5 ways you’re sabotaging your career.

Do you ever wonder about the things you could be doing that are sabotaging your career? We compiled a list of 5 things we have seen drag people behind in realizing their full potential. If any of these represent you, get out of your own way, now!  Or at least, try...

5 easy-peasy steps to uncover your blind spots, both strengths and areas of development.

Don’t know what you are really good at? Try this simple activity over the next few days. Probably one of the most powerful things, I have ever done. Make a list of 3-4 close friends from different circles. Spiritual, party/drinking buddies, workplace best buddy,...

It’s not them, it’s me: 5 ways to become personally accountable at work!

Picture this; John works in the Marketing department of a medium-sized Tech company. He is constantly behind on deadlines, is always making excuses as a result and incessantly points out that his supervisor is unfair to him, because of the several performance...

Scared of approaching your boss? 5 tips to make communicating with your boss easier

Have you heard of the term ‘managing upwards’? Try these communication tips to make the best of your time with your manager.

The future of work; the 5 skills you will need this new decade!

In recent years, we have seen companies let go of hundreds, probably thousands of employees because their skills were no longer required. We are in an exciting era where businesses are stretched every day to think about how they can deliver their goals faster and...

Get a bad performance review? Here’s how to bounce back!

If you’ve experienced a performance review, then you know how daunting it can be. This is especially exacerbated if the review does not go as well as you had hoped. Ever been told that your performance did not meet the expectations set for you at your job? It’s not a...

Boss Horror Stories and What We Can All Learn From Them

We asked over thirty Nairobi professionals about their experiences with bosses that made them quit, here are their stories and here is what you can learn from them.

5 mistakes you should avoid after landing a new job!

Landing a new job is an exciting chapter in most people's lives. It brings forth an opportunity to learn new things, form new networks and hopefully, advance your career. The first few weeks of starting a new job can also be scary; you want to make sure that you're...

Looking to create meaningful LinkedIn connections? Here are 3 tips you can use to achieve this!

Are you looking to forge more meaningful professional relationships? LinkedIn might be a good place to start. All you need is a smart device and internet to connect to as many people as you’d like, at the comfort of your living room, or wherever else you prefer. What...

New Year, New Me – 5 Introspective Questions to Set the Tone for 2020!

First and foremost, Happy New Year! 2020 has been dubbed as 20plenty, and we don’t know about you, but here at edge, this is the year we’re manifesting our visions, so please, get on board!  Now, we all know that a new year is seen as an opportunity to start on a...

Why you need empathy for your own sanity at work

According to empathy is the ability to understand someone else's thoughts and feelings. Empathy is one of the 5 key elements of emotional intelligence according to psychologist Daniel Goldman and is an essential leadership skill. So why do you need to...

Feeling stuck in your career? These 5 things may be hindering you

Do you ever hold a mirror up to yourself when you feel stuck in your career? Do you ever wonder what you could be doing wrong that is preventing you from getting to that next level?  Career advancement means different things for different people; it could be a salary...

5 Tips To Accelerate Your Learning With Online Courses

Are you worried about paying hefty fees to increase your skills and knowledge in an area that will improve your abilities at work? Worry no more. We are now entering the predicted most phenomenal era in workplaces. Predicted almost 20 years ago, the Future of Work is...

Tired at work? Shift from managing your time to managing your energy!

Hey there, how are you feeling about your work today? Does achieving work satisfaction keep you awake at night? Start by figuring out what tasks give you energy and which ones drain you. Your STAR Tasks  You love these tasks! You want more! You wish work was only...

Making the best of your sabbatical

Taking a long break from work to; study, rest, raise a child, build a home, take care of someone, explore a passion? Keep these reflective questions in mind while you are away. By doing so, you will have solved half of your come back challenges.  

3 ways you can practice self-care at work, as an employee!

What comes to mind when you hear the words; self-care? A spa date? Expensive dinner? Vacation on the beach? All these examples include spending money and that can quickly distract us from taking any action. Luckily, not everything pertaining to self-care needs to be...

Emotional intelligence at work!

Are you looking to thrive in your workplace?

Being bombarded right left and center in your workplace and wondering how to stay calm and productive? Become more aware of your reactions and shift things up in your EQ for effective collaboration! Check out this short video to arm yourself!