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Unorthodox upskilling

Wondering how to grow your skills without spending an arm and leg, quitting your current job or going back to school?

Our 3 part series gives unorthodox upskilling methods without changing much of your current context And just a heads up, studies show that some of the most critical skills for the future will include:

  • Problem solving
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Adaptation
  • Ability to engage and influence diverse stakeholders for collaboration.
Tip 1: Problem solving and ability to influence? Start farming or any other side hustle project!
Seriously though, farming can test your patience, business mindset and team management to extreme levels. Set goals, cut down your social time by 75% and use that time to focus on growing your farm. Analyse what skills and knowledge are needed for your project to succeed. (market research, export, farm management, crop rotation, pesticides vs organic farming, market linkages etc). Get a mentor (a current farmer would be a great start) take online courses, listen to youtube videos or podcasts, go visit other farms, read books and articles until you are fluent in that skill or knowledge.

Then pick a new skill and do it all over again.


Tip 2: According to a 2018 WEF forum, creativity, originality and initiative will be one of the key skills in 2020. How are you shaping these up? Consider an art class to expand your mind and build your originality thinking muscle!
Sounds like something you would not usually do? Great! Time to start! Take contemporary art classes, expand your brain to operate abstractly. It will be very strange at first. Adapt. Get into photography for insects. Yes, learn to make those small micro size animals into beautiful masterpieces of cosmic wander. Get close and candid, test your attention to detail muscle and watch it evolve. Yes Yes, creativity is a skill and the more you practice the better you become at it
Tip 3: Remember the 2018 WEF forum Future of Jobs report? Leadership and social influence is skill number 7!
Volunteer to host your family gatherings. Or design the next team hangout. Or highschool alumni meet up. Or anything that involves bringing people together to achieve a common goal. Hosting others is a high potential and fun activity to engage in that will sharpen your ability to influence diverse minds and opinions in a fast growing economy, empathise with the needs of your customers/consumers in order to develop relevant products, listen without judgement and so many more! Wouldn’t hosting a successful family gathering without losing a hair be a great learning experience for these key skills?
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