Why I am proud to be a recruiter!

Why I am proud to be a recruiter!

The statement “I work as a recruiter!” is quite the conversation starter, whether with friends, family or strangers!

Many people are curious about job hunt tips and whether we have open jobs fitting their interests. And lately, more and more people are asking what it’s like to be a recruiter.

To make this amazing career better known, we’ve published videos of the team answering frequent questions, and wrote about what a typical day looks like in ours recruitment team and the 5 reasons why we love working in recruitment. We’re so excited that hundreds of you are reading our blogs!

After a team lunch last week we realized that we haven’t yet talked enough about one crucial thing:

Being a recruiter at edge gives you a MILLION opportunities to create IMPACT in the world around you!

1) Your clients’ impact is your impact!

If we’re able to find a successful grant writer for a youth career development program, we’re helping hundreds of vulnerable youth stay in school and become breadwinners in their communities. If we’re successful in attracting top marketing talent to a business bringing solar to Kenya’s transport sector, then the tons of CO2 that will be saved make us feel really proud. Making dozens of phone calls to find empathetic social workers may feel tedious but once the client’s counselling hotline is able to double the number of teenagers in distress reached, it’s all worth it!

At edge we work with some of the most exciting social innovators in East Africa developing solutions to take society forward and we’re part of their success.

2) You connect candidates with their dream jobs

The most obvious way of creating impact is that at the end of a recruitment project a candidate gets an awesome job, one they’ve been dreaming of for some time. To finally move back to Western Kenya, closer to home and the family. To finally take the next step and oversee an entire finance department. To finally leave a toxic work environment and get a leadership role where they can use empowering management styles with their team.

3) You help job seekers learn and develop 

At edge we challenge ourselves to consciously design all aspects of the candidate interaction in an empowering way. Usually, only one in 50 or even 300 applicants will get the job, so the process can feel frustrating to candidates. We get creative: How do you give someone who was really hopeful the sad news in a time-efficient manner while sharing relevant career tips with them? How do you run interviews that help you learn the applicant’s true strengths while enabling them present their best selves? Many candidates tell us that through our unique assessment tools they learned more about themselves, and feel more confident and prepared for their future job search.

Amazing initiatives led by our recruitment team such as the Candidate Guide and Career Happiness Center have tens of thousands of readers. Regularly our recruiters add new tips, engaging stories and educative content based on trends they see in the jobseeker market. And in the end you sign up promising candidates to the CV database, even if this time the job wasn’t for them and build a growing community of passionate professionals who are building meaningful careers.

4) They say that to change the world you have to change yourself first 

As a recruiter at edge, you constantly raise the bar and challenge your own worldview: By the time you have a candidate shortlist, you’ve interacted with hundreds of professionals committed to building solutions to the most pressing issues of our times. When you screen applications, you read through past achievements and watch video applications of key learnings top professionals have made in their career. You network with senior talent across industries to tap their networks in finding great candidates for your roles. Honestly: Understanding what industry leaders work on and how they think makes you raise your own bar to what an impactful life and career looks like! Aiming for excellence is a winning mindset to shape your life and impact those around you.

Does this sound like the kind of meaning and impact you’re looking for in your career?

Check out the open roles at the bottom of the Join Us page. And tweet us your questions!

The path to success in our recruitment team is not the course you studied, but your critical thinking, your ability to motivate yourself and the energy you put into developing a new range of skills and mindsets!

We’re not going to tell you that it’ll be easy! But as you’ve seen in this article, it’s totally worth it 🙂

Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Recruitment

Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Recruitment

At edge we are passionate about organizations that will create the future of East Africa, be it growth-oriented businesses with innovative products or services or grassroots organizations serving their communities in transformative ways. We are committed to supporting these organizations in achieving their ambitious goals by helping them build highly-effective teams and being attractive, vibrant workplaces.

We’ve helped fill nearly 100 roles in the last five years and interacted with thousands of job seekers in the process. We think recruitment might be your dream career, too! If you’re curious, check out this article about daily life in our recruitment team!

Enough talk – Here are the top reasons why we love working in recruitment!

1. You bring together people who share a passion!
Best moment: Seeing your client and the new hire having a heated debate on the best approach to business growth and expansion!

2. You meet inspiring professionals with amazing experiences!
Best moment: When you realize you’ve stopped taking minutes while interviewing because you’re fascinated by the candidate’s skills, achievements and passion!

3. You help people get fulfilling jobs & the right work environment for them!
Best moment: When you remember an excellent candidate from last year who would just be the perfect fit for this organization! And when you call them, they still remember you as well!

4. Every day is an adventure!
Best moment: When the client calls you to discuss the launch of a new business unit and wants to hire a manager in under a month. You stretch your brain,

5. Your hard work totally pays out!
Best moment: After dozens of phone calls and weeks of crazy busy promotions and going through CVs, the hiring manager makes offers to not just one but two people on your final shortlist!

Are you curious and passionate about a career that helps businesses build highly effective teams? We’re hiring for our recruitment team!  If interested, have a look at the different Job Descriptions and APPLY today! Check out this link: www.edgeperformance.co.ke/join-us

One of our team members shares some tips and tricks about applying below.


The work environment at edge

edge is growing! To help more businesses grow and impact more workplaces, we’re hiring new team members!

Have you ever thought about working in talent acquisition or a business advisory firm? Ever wondered what it takes to help organizations build high performing teams and how you can make your strengths count in this mission?  If your answer to these questions is yes, we are looking for you!

You’re interested, and we know you are cautiously thinking through which work environment fits you best and brings your talents out to shine. This article should answer most of your questions, but in case you’ve got any extra ones leftover, feel free to tweet us @edge_kenya  and we’ll be happy to respond! See all open jobs on our join-us page.

So, how is edge’s work environment like?

Actually, you have to come and experience it! But since you asked, here is a three-word summary:

Fast-paced – We support entrepreneurs in building great teams! Sounds easy? At edge you will need to stretch yourself and think outside the box to come up with and use creative approaches to address our client’s needs.Strategy Conversations Sometimes we have 2 hours to build something great for a client that others may require a week for. We work with mindsets like lean and prototyping to achieve our goals and deliver great value in no time.

Constant learning – We are constantly seeking knowledge that enables us to improve our services and be our clients’ best partner. Key here is self-driven learning, being curious and inquisitive, using online resources, peers and the larger community to be at the top of new industries and trends. Together we develop specific skills that would be useful in our work. For example, we have jointly taken courses on project management and design thinking and have turned newly learned theory into new improved approaches and products immediately! (See more about how we learn in this article)

Flexible – We place more emphasis on your productivity and contribution, opposed to what time you arrive at the office. Everyone has daily and weekly outcomes set, and arranges their time in a way that works best for them. We collaborate using virtual tools and value creativity in meeting client needs. Nobody looks over each other’s shoulder. We own our stuff and strive for excellence in our work. This requires you to be highly self-motivated and self-organized.

Are you the kind of person who thrives in such an environment? Please take a look at the open jobs on our Join Us page!

What we love about our clients and why you should join us!

A young professional thinking of joining our team recently asked an interesting question: “What kind of clients do you work with, and which industries do you focus on?”

The most exciting part about a job in business advisory is the diversity and exposure!

Arguably, providing business growth services is the best job. The exposure you gain to a range of industries, business models and entrepreneurial journeys is just mind blowing.

To illustrate the point: Last month, the edge team handled projects with clients in the financial services industry, rural development and business acceleration space. We also supported a sales company penetrating rural areas, a philanthropic funder of African homemade innovations, a community hospital in a slum, a foreign trade organization, AND a science-focussed secondary school.Retreat

Yeah, exactly! Imagine the conversations over lunch! Being involved in several projects per quarter means intense learnings for each individual. It also means that you get to (and have to!) research and become an expert REALLY fast about new industries and realities!

We learn so much from the kind of questions our clients wrestle with!

As we network with potential clients, we have conversations to really understand their vision, model and approach. By the time we take on board a new client, we know they are inspiring leaders in their fields, entrepreneurs and risk-takers and have big dreams. Many of our clients create employment, make sure East Africans get the services and products they need, and over the years touch thousands of lives and livelyhoods.Edge Perfomance website pictures-50 - tiny

Instead of working transactionally, we build a deep, trusted and long-term relationship with our clients. Knowing that talent management is at the core of successful organizations, we get involed in their most business critical questions:

  • How can we grow sales by factor 12 this year so that we hit breakeven?
  • As I bring in new people, how do I make sure they don’t just ‘want a job’, but we shorten the time they need to understand our culture and start contributing explosively?
  • Who will help us build the right processes as we grow from 2 to 4 branches this year?
  • As I’m transitioning out as the founder after 15 years, how do I make sure the spirit lives on but doesn’t suffocate my successor as they take the organization forward?
  • To build a radically new approach to sales in rural areas, what kind of manager do we need to hire?

In short: Every day is like a very practical MBA class.

Scratch that: Every day feels like doing a PhD in entrepreneurship!

We listen when things get hard, laugh together when we a problem solves itself, answer calls late at night, and sometimes we just have a coffee or beer together, reminiscing about the journey, failures and successes.

Strategy ConversationsAha, sounds great! My last question: Do I get to choose my clients and will I have sales targets?

We work in long-term co-creative partnerships with our clients, so your first projects will most likely be with our existing clients or their close networks, who they referred because they loved the value they gained through edge.

The great news is that the longer you stay in edge, the more influence you have on the types of clients you handle. Some of us start working on our own sales already after a few months or a year with edge. Once you’ve understand our unique sales approach and our services, we’re happy for you to go and have conversations with new potential clients and partners!

In the spirit of focussing on your strengths, you will only be directly involved in client acquisition and get sales targets if you find this work energizing and exciting!

Does this kind of work and environment sound energizing to you?

Ready for the challenge? Take a look at our opportunities to join our team!

What does Career Growth at edge look like?

No matter how you define it, career growth is crucial for personal satisfaction. Being able to contribute on increasing levels and mastering new skills and situtions boost your confidence. Staying engaged and excited in your day job keeps you healthy, as well! Nobody wants to feel stuck or stagnate.

Our whole work environment is geared towards your growth

The work at edge is very varied, and we deal with very challenging questions. At any point, edge employees are involved in various projects, so you will develop your personal effectiveness skills. You will master the technical skills and knowledge it takes to deliver value to an organization, be it in recruitment, team performance or other aspects of business growth.

Participate in Strategy WorkshopsFrom Day 1, everyone here develops formal and informal influencing techniques, dealing with many different internal and external customers. Once you are confidently delivering, you could get to lead a project team.

We borrow from cutting edge methods like agile teams, holacracy, NVC and practice strength-based talent management. At edge we apply design thinking and user-centric approaches in all aspects of what we do. We have a weekly practice to evaluate our work and results. You will also sharpen your communication skills as you interact with a wide range of managers, industry experts and decision makers during projects, forums or events.

At edge, we give you the platform to be an entrepreneur, a consultant, a leader, an inventor, a business coach, and in the process, build amazing workplaces across East Africa.

We look forward to welcoming you to the team!

Our team loves the exposure, learning opportunities and feedback they gain. 

We asked a few of our teammates at edge on how their growth has looked like, and hopefully, their responses will provide some insight on how you will grow and develop with us!

Reynold appreciates that a lot of care goes into understanding what you’re passionate about, what sort of tasks you struggle with, and what things you’re good at: “This has allowed me to contribute strongly in the areas I’m passionate about, and also perform better in the tasks I struggle with.”

_MG_5725To thrive at edge, you don’t need previous HR experience, says Denise: “When I joined edge, I had no formal work experience with HR. I’ve learned so much about the space in the time that I’ve been here. Aside from Human Resource and Recruitment knowledge and skills,  I’ve also learned about business advisory, engaged with design thinking, and project management, which have also added to my skill set.”

Fabianna has been here for over two years and still learns something new every week: “The only way you improve at anything is to get feedback from the people you work with. We’ve got a strong feedback culture here, and I never feel unsure about my performance on projects I’ve worked on.”

Mwalimu enjoys the freedom to map out his own path for growth and development: “The team takes the time to understand what tasks and activities I was good at, and allowed me to build a role that not only matches my interests but also brings me closer to achieving my career goals.”

Please take a look at the open jobs on our Join Us page!

Kickstart your career in recruitment

edge is growing! To help more businesses grow and impact more workplaces, we’re going to double our team in 2019!

Have you ever thought about working in talent acquisition, do you get excited about finding the best talent to help an organization achieve its goals and are passionate about understanding someone’s skills, mindset and potential?  If your answer to these questions is yes, we are looking for you!

team-hangout-smallMoving into a new job is a big step, and we know you’ve got some questions. This article should answer most of them, but in case you’ve got any extra ones leftover, feel free to tweet us @edge_kenya  and we’ll be happy to respond!

What does a typical day look like for our recruitment team?

Any day as a recruiter involves a wide variety of activities including digging yourself into a new industry, conducting interviews, LinkedIn headhunting, writing candidate reports, and meeting with clients to discuss project progress.

The team handles nearly a dozen projects at a time, and the office can get pretty (well…) chaotic! One person could be having a phone interview with a candidate in Uganda, while someone else is assessing CVs that came in via email, and another is researching new networks we can tap to identify high-potential professionals who may not be aware of the job opportunities in fast-growing businesses.

Teamwork is key in recruitment!  We constantly collaborate on different aspects of the talent acquisition process such as joint brainstorming sessions to think of creative ways to find great candidates, or giving each other feedback on the tools and processes we have developed to screen applicants.

Over lunch, we usually swap stories and catch up on what everyone has been up to, both with regards to their projects, and their personal lives. It’s an opportunity for us to get know each better, provide support where needed, and even, on occasion, rate each others cooking skills.

Recruiting the right talent to solve key business challenges is all about making connections and learning about new trends and markets, and so, an explorative and inquisitive mindset is key: We constantly network with experts across industries to understand trends and realities fast, draw insights, and finally get connected to potential candidates.

At times we attend networking events to build connections with industry leaders, managers and innovators, in order to better understand the human capital challenges facing growing businesses.

And how is edge’s work environment like?

Actually, you have to come and experience it! But since you asked, here is a quick, three-word summary: Fast-paced, constant learning and flexible. Read more on this article here.

Are you the kind of person who thrives in such an environment? Please take a look at the open jobs on our Join Us page!