Wondering How To Get A Job After A Career Break?

Wondering How To Get A Job After A Career Break?

Did you just get back from a long or short sabbatical break (to take care of family, study, go on a discovery journey, etc) and the question of how to get your foot back in the job market is bugging you? We got you covered!

Today, we are sharing with you a Sabbatical Come Back Checklist and Tips. Check out the checklist here

As you tick your list, there are a few things that need a bit of thinking through and planning. Read on to find what and why.

  • Update your CV to show your career break; it’s important that a recruiter/hiring manager assessing your resume understands why there is a gap in your CV. You want to give a clear visibility of your career ladder and decisions and leave no room for second-guessing. Remember there are many other professionals seeking the same opportunity as you!
  • Utilize your network. Your network is your net worth. This is a strategy that should go long back, from when you decide to go on a break. The power of weak ties comes in handy. Who should you keep in touch with? And when you come back, what new connections do you need to create? With social recruiting taking over the hiring world, you want to keep your connections warm and keep building new ones. For more on building and sustaining weak ties, check this article out.
  • Reassess your needs and values. Okay; let’s say you went on a break because you were just not feeling that job. Or you were just done with certain types of work environments. What have you learned about what matters to you? How is this aligned to the type of workplaces you need to be and the type of work that inspires you to rise every morning? What needs and values MUST be met in your next job? This way, you’re able to redefine what fulfillment means for you and apply to the right roles, and organizations. 
  • Research, research, and research – Most likely, things have changed since you took a break. This means that you need to take the time to re familiarize yourself with the industry you want to be in, new trends, roles and even networks. Interviews will then feel like you have been around all along.
  • And if the job is taking some time to come along, how about you consider the not so fun things such as volunteering or going to back to school (if these were not your sabbatical options), it will go a long way in bringing you up to speed with the current realities in your career space.
  • Lastly, but not least; consider working with a career coach to accelerate your come back. A coach will provide you with the tools and guidance you need to navigate the hurdles that come with job hunting after a break, and will also help you articulate yourself better when packaging yourself. 

Or maybe you want to come back to a whole new industry? Check out this video, which contains tips on how to transition into a new industry space as well.

For those of you, who have successfully transitioned into new jobs/careers after a break, what worked? What did you learn?
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Tired at work? Shift from managing your time to managing your energy!

Tired at work? Shift from managing your time to managing your energy!

Hey there, how are you feeling about your work today?

Does achieving work satisfaction keep you awake at night? Start by figuring out what tasks give you energy and which ones drain you.

star (1)Your STAR Tasks 

You love these tasks! You want more! You wish work was only these tasks for the rest of your life. 

  • Work feels effortless
  • You approach every task with excitement 
  • You want to keep going on and on
  • Quick results, high levels of productivity 
  • You are confident you can deliver with your eyes closed
  • You are confident you can find solutions for challenges that arise
  • Where did time go? Is your everyday slogan 
  • You learning fast, 
  • You love trying out new skills and approaches seemingly by auto-pilot. 

moonYour JUST OK Tasks 

You can handle these but just up to a certain amount. You don’t mind them too much. 

  • You are just comfortable, but not overly excited.
  • Sometimes tasks are boring yes
  • You feel ok to jump into these tasks but given a chance choice, you possibly wouldn’t
  • You deliver just good enough work unless you put conscious effort into going the extra mile
  • If you take on more of this work, you start feeling drained
  • You are ok to learn new skills, in this area but would rather choose something else
  • You often need a motivation boost, to get going

low-batteryYour DRAINER Tasks  

You dread them. You want to disappear or call for sick leave. You hack them or not, either way, you hate them. You wish there was a way out. 

  • In another life, you would be doing anything else but this 
  • You are always tired after this type of work
  • You remain unenthusiastic about the tasks, and need to really psyche yourself for the task or find a higher purpose to get it done
  • Tasks take forever to complete
  • After 1 task, you need an hour break
  • If someone takes these tasks from you, you jump around like a 5-year-old
  • Work just feels like a punishment, you can’t relate how other people enjoy what they do
  • Learning any new skill, makes you feel incapable

How is work feeling lately? Getting your JD 70% aligned to tasks that give you energy is a key ingredient for career satisfaction and happiness. 

Our Career Happiness Diagnostics Tool coupled with our Right Job For You Assessment, does the magic in helping you figure your first steps for alignment. 

Let’s start talking!


5 easy-peasy steps to uncover your blind spots, both strengths and areas of development.

5 easy-peasy steps to uncover your blind spots, both strengths and areas of development.

Don’t know what you are really good at? Try this simple activity over the next few days. Probably one of the most powerful things, I have ever done.

  • Make a list of 3-4 close friends from different circles. Spiritual, party/drinking buddies, workplace best buddy, former best boss/colleague, one hater who pretends to be a friend, and so on
  • Send them these reflection questions, asking for genuine feedback. What am I really good at/what comes naturally to me? What is the one thing, if I did better or developed muscle for, I would be an even more awesome individual? What do you think is holding me back from my highest potential?
  • Take them out for a coffee and just listen. Listen. Just Listen.
  • Consolidate everything, let it marinate, watch it sink in. Then make a start, stop continue plan.
  • Implement your plan and watch the magic happen