edge is growing! To help more businesses grow and impact more workplaces, we’re going to double our team in 2019!

Have you ever thought about working in talent acquisition, do you get excited about finding the best talent to help an organization achieve its goals and are passionate about understanding someone’s skills, mindset and potential?  If your answer to these questions is yes, we are looking for you!

team-hangout-smallMoving into a new job is a big step, and we know you’ve got some questions. This article should answer most of them, but in case you’ve got any extra ones leftover, feel free to tweet us @edge_kenya  and we’ll be happy to respond!

What does a typical day look like for our recruitment team?

Any day as a recruiter involves a wide variety of activities including digging yourself into a new industry, conducting interviews, LinkedIn headhunting, writing candidate reports, and meeting with clients to discuss project progress.

The team handles nearly a dozen projects at a time, and the office can get pretty (well…) chaotic! One person could be having a phone interview with a candidate in Uganda, while someone else is assessing CVs that came in via email, and another is researching new networks we can tap to identify high-potential professionals who may not be aware of the job opportunities in fast-growing businesses.

Teamwork is key in recruitment!  We constantly collaborate on different aspects of the talent acquisition process such as joint brainstorming sessions to think of creative ways to find great candidates, or giving each other feedback on the tools and processes we have developed to screen applicants.

Over lunch, we usually swap stories and catch up on what everyone has been up to, both with regards to their projects, and their personal lives. It’s an opportunity for us to get know each better, provide support where needed, and even, on occasion, rate each others cooking skills.

Recruiting the right talent to solve key business challenges is all about making connections and learning about new trends and markets, and so, an explorative and inquisitive mindset is key: We constantly network with experts across industries to understand trends and realities fast, draw insights, and finally get connected to potential candidates.

At times we attend networking events to build connections with industry leaders, managers and innovators, in order to better understand the human capital challenges facing growing businesses.

And how is edge’s work environment like?

Actually, you have to come and experience it! But since you asked, here is a quick, three-word summary: Fast-paced, constant learning and flexible. Read more on this article here.

Are you the kind of person who thrives in such an environment? Please take a look at the open jobs on our Join Us page!