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Do you need a break?

As an entrepreneur and manager, you spend most of your time helping others stay focused, effective, motivated and optimistic.
But what about when you start feeling burnt out?
We’ve put together our thoughts and tips on getting a break and refreshing your batteries, crucial for managers who want to build lasting successful companies.

Hiring Millennials

Wondering what you as a hiring manager or business leader can do differently when hiring this new generation to stay ahead of the curve? This blog is for you!

The work environment at edge

Join us if you want to work in talent acquisition, a business advisory firm, or wondered what it takes to help organizations build high performing teams! We know you are cautiously thinking through which work environment fits you best and brings your talents out to shine, so this article is for you!

Why your employees’ mental health should be a priority for you as a manager.

Mental wellness at work is not a fad. It’s become a key determinant of job seekers when they are applying for jobs and deciding which employers they want to work for. In addition, organizations that are prioritizing their employees well being are attracting top talent and sustaining a productive workforce. Want to learn more about why you should care about mental health as a manager? Read this blog.

The role of management / Leading in Growth

Are you chasing a big idea, building a great product, disrupting an industry while trying to make unit economics work? Enabling employees to perform and leading teams to succeed is never easy, but even more complex when you’re sprinting. We thought about the management basics for fast-growing organizations – because we believe in your business!

Getting defensive a lot? Break the vicious cycle!

Being defensive stops us from collaborating freely with others. It limits our talents from shining. Over time, defensiveness sours your relationships and can contribute to toxic workplaces.
This blog shares first steps to recognize and transform your triggers, alone and with your team.

Intercultural Teams: The magic ingredients for success

It is hard to imagine the social enterprise and venture capital ecosystem without cross-cultural teams. This diversity is an incredible opportunity to build innovative, winning and competitive models. Meanwhile, the day to day in the office with each other can sometimes be puzzling or draining.

Hiring for culture fit as you grow.

Hiring for culture as your company grows is probably going to be one of the toughest team battles you’ve encountered yet. Without caution, the temptation to compromise hoping to develop the missing values in the future in exchange for rising business demands slowly becomes your daily choice. And before you know it, everyone is asking: “What happened to this place? We used to love working here!”
Martha shares how you can ensure that every single hire is a gem to the team!

3 reasons why top talent is not joining your company

Top talent is not only rare but wise: They are cautious about where and with whom they work. Thus attracting them requires not only great recruitment effort, but also an equal amount of work in creating an attractive workplace! Martha shares a few unexpected issues that are making great talent shy away from joining your bus.

Finding leave management boring? Connect to the higher purpose!

In many offices rest, relaxation and leave are neglected at the expense of short-term project or mid-term company success. If you want to avoid this trap and build an effective and happy workforce, you need to get creative around leave. Let’s claim back “rest” as a key driver for human productivity!

Interviewing like a pro

Interviewing is the most commonly used selection tool! But are you making the best of it? Scratch gut feeling hires by improving your interviewing skills.

Start-Up? Start with Talent

We estimate that at least 85% of the talent challenges growing businesses face could have been avoided from the beginning. Read on to learn more about what we found.