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Start-Up? Start with Talent

In our work with growing businesses, we estimate that at least 85 % of the talent challenges they face could have been avoided from the beginning.
And when is the beginning? When we talk to start-up founders, a common phrase is ‘‘We are still very young now, we need to figure out the business model and raise capital and then we will have time to deal with talent issues’

Why JDs are broken and how we can get our people to do what’s required

Traditional Job Descriptions are not working. Little thought, skill and effort is put in, resulting in a chaotic picture in companies. For competitive advantage in a fast-changing world companies need agile role allocation systems. Manuela shares her insights on what is working for small and fast growing businesses when it comes to allocating work. Start improving your team’s output today with our 4 tips.

We hired wrongly: Recruitment Traps in Fast Growing Businesses

“I think we hired wrongly”. We have lost count of how often I have heard this statement. A survey showed 39% of hiring managers surveyed said bad hires cost them productivity. Even more shocking is that supervisors spend 17% of their time (approximately 1 day per week) in managing poorly performing employees.

So how can you avoid such high costs? We have compiled a few of the traps our clients have previously fallen into, why you should evade them and how to navigate them

Sorry team, I am human! How bottling up feelings impacts work productivity

I would like to explore with you the impact of unaddressed feelings in the workplace. If this topic is new to you, this is a great place to start. Talking about one’s feelings at work for some seems like a scary, a stupid and unwelcome thing to do. Here’s why the opposite is true and a few tips to keep in mind.

Let me start by sharing a story a good Kenyan friend of mine told me about growing up. He painted the picture for me how…

The road to business transformation… it’s a personal journey

We in edge are on a road of transformation. Transforming edge into edge2.0. edge2.0 means a new internal way of working, a new external way of working, and a completely new portfolio of products and services. edge2.0 enables business results through people performance – from long-running small companies to start-ups, from standard businesses through to impact businesses.

It doesn’t have to be hard: Radically improve your start-up’s performance with better people practices

As part of our business model transition, over 6 months we interviewed 80 impact businesses, 25 investors/accelerators, 20 Human Resources experts and 100 talented young professionals across 4 markets. We are more convinced than ever that better talent management could help promising businesses to really take off. Take a look at our market research highlights