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Hiring for culture fit as you grow.

Hiring for culture as your company grows is probably going to be one of the toughest team battles you’ve encountered yet. Without caution, the temptation to compromise hoping to develop the missing values in the future in exchange for rising business demands slowly becomes your daily choice. And before you know it, everyone is asking: “What happened to this place? We used to love working here!”
Martha shares how you can ensure that every single hire is a gem to the team!

3 reasons why top talent is not joining your company

Top talent is not only rare but wise: They are cautious about where and with whom they work. Thus attracting them requires not only great recruitment effort, but also an equal amount of work in creating an attractive workplace! Martha shares a few unexpected issues that are making great talent shy away from joining your bus.

It doesn’t have to be hard: Radically improve your start-up’s performance with better people practices

As part of our business model transition, over 6 months we interviewed 80 impact businesses, 25 investors/accelerators, 20 Human Resources experts and 100 talented young professionals across 4 markets. We are more convinced than ever that better talent management could help promising businesses to really take off. Take a look at our market research highlights