At edge we are passionate about organizations that will create the future of East Africa, be it growth-oriented businesses with innovative products or services or grassroots organizations serving their communities in transformative ways. We are committed to supporting these organizations in achieving their ambitious goals by helping them build highly-effective teams and being attractive, vibrant workplaces.

We’ve helped fill nearly 100 roles in the last five years and interacted with thousands of job seekers in the process. We think recruitment might be your dream career, too! If you’re curious, check out this article about daily life in our recruitment team!

Enough talk – Here are the top reasons why we love working in recruitment!

1. You bring together people who share a passion!
Best moment: Seeing your client and the new hire having a heated debate on the best approach to business growth and expansion!

2. You meet inspiring professionals with amazing experiences!
Best moment: When you realize you’ve stopped taking minutes while interviewing because you’re fascinated by the candidate’s skills, achievements and passion!

3. You help people get fulfilling jobs & the right work environment for them!
Best moment: When you remember an excellent candidate from last year who would just be the perfect fit for this organization! And when you call them, they still remember you as well!

4. Every day is an adventure!
Best moment: When the client calls you to discuss the launch of a new business unit and wants to hire a manager in under a month. You stretch your brain,

5. Your hard work totally pays out!
Best moment: After dozens of phone calls and weeks of crazy busy promotions and going through CVs, the hiring manager makes offers to not just one but two people on your final shortlist!

Are you curious and passionate about a career that helps businesses build highly effective teams? We’re hiring for our recruitment team!  If interested, have a look at the different Job Descriptions and APPLY today! Check out this link:

One of our team members shares some tips and tricks about applying below.