No matter how you define it, career growth is crucial for personal satisfaction. Being able to contribute on increasing levels and mastering new skills and situtions boost your confidence. Staying engaged and excited in your day job keeps you healthy, as well! Nobody wants to feel stuck or stagnate.

Our whole work environment is geared towards your growth

The work at edge is very varied, and we deal with very challenging questions. At any point, edge employees are involved in various projects, so you will develop your personal effectiveness skills. You will master the technical skills and knowledge it takes to deliver value to an organization, be it in recruitment, team performance or other aspects of business growth.

Participate in Strategy WorkshopsFrom Day 1, everyone here develops formal and informal influencing techniques, dealing with many different internal and external customers. Once you are confidently delivering, you could get to lead a project team.

We borrow from cutting edge methods like agile teams, holacracy, NVC and practice strength-based talent management. At edge we apply design thinking and user-centric approaches in all aspects of what we do. We have a weekly practice to evaluate our work and results. You will also sharpen your communication skills as you interact with a wide range of managers, industry experts and decision makers during projects, forums or events.

At edge, we give you the platform to be an entrepreneur, a consultant, a leader, an inventor, a business coach, and in the process, build amazing workplaces across East Africa.

We look forward to welcoming you to the team!

Our team loves the exposure, learning opportunities and feedback they gain. 

We asked a few of our teammates at edge on how their growth has looked like, and hopefully, their responses will provide some insight on how you will grow and develop with us!

Reynold appreciates that a lot of care goes into understanding what you’re passionate about, what sort of tasks you struggle with, and what things you’re good at: “This has allowed me to contribute strongly in the areas I’m passionate about, and also perform better in the tasks I struggle with.”

_MG_5725To thrive at edge, you don’t need previous HR experience, says Denise: “When I joined edge, I had no formal work experience with HR. I’ve learned so much about the space in the time that I’ve been here. Aside from Human Resource and Recruitment knowledge and skills,  I’ve also learned about business advisory, engaged with design thinking, and project management, which have also added to my skill set.”

Fabianna has been here for over two years and still learns something new every week: “The only way you improve at anything is to get feedback from the people you work with. We’ve got a strong feedback culture here, and I never feel unsure about my performance on projects I’ve worked on.”

Mwalimu enjoys the freedom to map out his own path for growth and development: “The team takes the time to understand what tasks and activities I was good at, and allowed me to build a role that not only matches my interests but also brings me closer to achieving my career goals.”

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