Business Health Check

Look at the performance capacity of your business through various lenses relating to human capital

Are you asking yourself any of these questions?

  • Where can I as the leader do better?
  • What might be reasons for low performance?
  • How to increase the team’s commitment?
  • With so many issues in the team, where should I start?

Taking edge’s Health Check is a simple way to reduce risk and increase effectiveness by identifying strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats – and prioritizing biggest levers for performance improvement.

Why does it work?


Three main aspects of human capital drive business results. If you get them right, you are more likely to succeed in the hectic day-to-day. The Business Health Check looks at the performance capacity of your business through these three lenses:

  • Matching of people to roles
  • Performance enabling factors and
  • Communication and collaboration

What you gain

  • Increased self-awareness in the team
  • Understand barriers to growth in your business (data-based)
  • Recommendations on where to start  to improve the team’s performance
  • An unbiased external sounding board
  • Written summary for later reference
My business was growing fast and we had a lot of opportunity, I felt the need to know that I had the right team. edge helped me appreciate how leveraging individual strengths brings better results and what type of conversations can increase trust in the team. I have gained a new confidence in my team and a whole new perspective on achieving results through and with people!
Peter Chege

CEO, Hydroponics Kenya