• We work with where you are and with who is on board. From the intern to the founder everybody has a lot to contribute to the success of your company! Our methodologies help unleash blocked potential.
  • Start-up talent is flexible and passionate. Within few days you will see shifts in people performance and your team will more flexibly work on your company’s big challenges/questions.
  • Taking decisions around people can be painful and a lonely process – As a reliable partner throughout your business growth, we provide you with bias-free data that enables you to move wisely!
9 out of 10 performance-related issues are caused by a skilled person in a dysfunctional system. Imagine, just how powerful it can be to unleash performance by fixing snags in relationships.
Graham Boyd


We will work with you to drive business results, by making sure you get the best out of your team.

  • Matching your business goals to your team’s unique skillsets
  • Analyzing the flow and structure of internal communication to identify “performance brakes”
  • Implementing innovative ways to drive the required interactivity between your teams
  • Offering diagnostic data on individual and team performance
  • Attracting and selecting the right talent to your team


We walk in your shoes: edge has successfully gone through product innovation and geographic expansion. We use innovative and flexible governance processes, allowing all aboard our small team to work off their strengths.

  • In the last 10 years we’ve learnt that the success or failure of your business will ultimately depend on how successful your teams work together
  • We know where it hurts: we have methodologies that enable us to pinpoint the exact spot we need to hit to make sure there is a rapid improvement in your team’s performance
  • We have helped over 250 Start-ups across 4 continents increase their performance, what made us capable of understanding how our assessment will be applicable to your team immediately
  • We eat what we cook. Our methodologies are always prototyped with our team first..