Right Person on the Right Job

Ensure everybody contributes to the organizational purpose using their talents

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What is talent?


Each member of your team is unique. Maybe unique in skill set; but certainly he or she has a unique mix of what motivates them to excel, what drains them of energy, and what they want from life. From the founder to your newest intern everybody can contribute more towards the success of your company. At the heart of how we enable you achieve top results is by getting the most motivating match between your people and the work each does.


Through an online survey, we map a person’s intrinsic drivers and identify opportunities for contribution to the organization. Looking at the drivers across the team highlights opportunities for collaboration and synergies.

Individual profile reports give background knowledge, suggestions and guide self-reflection in the team. Through conversations and working labs, we help apply the methodology across business contexts:

  • Creating flow by putting people in roles matching their disposition
  • Effective teams by understanding communication and decision making styles
  • Increasing sense of fulfillment by informing culture around employees needs
  • Choosing appropriate leadership approaches for a given scenario

The Who is on Board profiles on natural talent enable us to make better hiring decisions, because they tell us who will truly enjoy the work we need doing and fit well with the existing team. CV and interview miss that essential question.

Even more importantly, we get better business results with less effort because we put each person into roles they are intrinsically motivated by.

Sebastian Kummetz

Founder, Innovation Radicals

Defining and Assigning Roles

How roles are structured is as important as assigning the right person: Clarity of purpose and definitions of required outputs are crucial for performance. Also, accountabilities have to come with the right size of authority, and with knowing how to collaborate effectively: when to consult and inform others, and who.

Let us support you in navigating the titles trap and department silo thinking.

Edge Talents, edge, talents, optimization, right hire, hiring, individual performance, performance, individual
edge helped us think through our organizational structure in preparation for expanding our product offering as a financial services company. It was very helpful to have an external partner guide us through the process of more clearly defining and optimizing roles and responsibilities.
Charlene Chen

COO, BitPesa

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