The RightHire service saves you time and reduces risk in the talent recruitment process!

Increase efficiency and reduce risk in the talent recruitment process, by identifying the relevant tactics around targeting and selecting talent, by highlighting underlying bottlenecks and enhancing business capabilities, and by providing a support system that ensures the retention and performance of a new employee from day one.

We tailor each recruitment engagement. Some clients want to be involved in parts of the process to save costs, others want to build capacity in their managers to run future recruitment drives.

Did you know? A successful recruitment drive puts equal effort into all four stages:Talent Planning, Targeting, Selection and Onboarding.

Building a performing team starts at hiring, so team talent mapping is at the core of our RightHire service

Adding somebody to the team is a huge opportunity!

With edge you will make sure to hire the person with the intrinsic motivation and natural disposition matching the job.

During the selection process we use unique lenses, all aiming at increasing performance, engagement and retention:

  • individual disposition, working styles, work preferences and what gets each to perform at their best
  • alignment of motivation and career goals to your situation
  • match and ability to match your company culture

edge  worked with us more like a thought partner than a mere service provider. They did a great job  providing us with insightful and relevant advice when we faced challenges deciding between compelling candidates.
It was a pleasure to work with their team throughout the recruitment process – all the way from creating a concise JD, determining our non-negotiables to onboarding the new hire.

Roshan Paul

CEO, Amani Institute

Working with edge to hire for our growing team in Kenya and Mexico was a great experience, as their talent mapping tool allowed us to think through the role together.
They sourced candidates from scratch, then shared their analysis of candidates and matched personality types with what we were looking for. We certainly recommend edge for such level hires! Jenny Everett

Deputy Director, ANDE

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