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All edge engagements start with a tailored Human Capital Health Check. It gives the full picture on your team’s drive and talents and examines how collaboration, communication and environment influence company performance.   > more

Understanding your people situation deeply, we can prioritize needs and co-create the most relevant engagement.


RH smallFrom your intern to the new CEO, you need the right people on board to succeed in your ambitious journey ahead! edge’s RightHire Service looks at the person, not the CV. Flexible and comprehensive recruitment support at the price right for you.  > more

Our approach builds capacity for the future by strengthening your talent planning, recruitment and onboarding processes and developing related skills in your managers!


To help you achieve and sustain the next level of growth in fast-changing times, you will need to keep evolving your Organizational Design and Structure. edge can help you look ahead and define the right structures and proceses for your context: Stay agile and lean.

Create a more effective and energized team by putting the Right Person on the Right Job. Our approach helps you define roles and adapt work at the speed of change, without ego-issues by assigning roles to the most suitable talent profiles, while removing barriers of titles and positions.   > more



Boost Collaboration and transform how your teams deliver results with our colourful toolbox of practical, human-centric and innovative approaches. To unleash human contribution and value-add in your market and communities, enhancing Self-Awareness, tackling Immunity to Change and enabling High-Impact Communication are top priorities. Outcome-oriented teams take simple steps to build effective and healthy work relationships.   > more

Not sure how to have meaningful conversations around the future of the organization engaging the whole company or the board? edge can co-design and help moderate Strategic Conversations that lead to smarter decisions, vision-alignment and high ownership.


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Many performance management approaches feel heavy and inflexible. Fast-changing organizations benefit from edge’s performance enabling environment, empowering managers and team members alike to diagnose performance gaps and take steps to improve their personal effectiveness.

For an organization to grow, the managers need to prioritize their own development!   We offer Executive Coaching for top managers and our Managers’ Club offers a deep transformational journey for managers, allowing effective and bold leadership, driving results in fast-changing environments.  > more

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