About edge

We enable individuals and organizations tap their potential by creating innovative and transformational human capital and workplace solutions.


In a fast-changing world, the success of an organization depends on the ability of the team to collaborate. We believe that extraordinary things are done when people work in sync with their innate competencies and skills. The performance of people in teams peaks when they feel safe, have clarity on what is required and feel strong connection to the organization’s purpose.

Organizations which promote open and intentional conversations will be able to leverage everybody’s capacities and insights thus driving achievement of goals. This is especially important for organizations in fast-changing environments.

Our innovation is about bringing these beliefs into organizations, supporting leaders in creating the right environment and helping improve results. Using experience from 4 continents and quickly adapting to each business reality, we tackle teams’ performances challenges.

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We work with growth-oriented organizations across East Africa, who are committed to building a highly-performing team and are looking for innovative approaches to boost their human capital.

edge services are especially interesting for businesses

  • aiming to boost interactivity across the team to enable optimal business results
  • wanting new hires to match company culture while leveraging the diversity of a growing team
  • with urgent need to improve performance of teams or individuals
  • loosing business opportunities due to internal bottlenecks
  • looking for maximum return on team investment while wanting to avoid the stress typically caused by unhealthy work environments


In 2004 edge was launched in Brazil to help build the right talent systems in the ecosystem for innovative businesses serving low-income clients. We have since worked with over 250 businesses and teams across Latin America, East Africa, India and Europe.

In over 15 years we have developed a deep understanding of the talent-related needs of growth-oriented businesses, social enterprises and grassroot innovators. We realized that when it comes to understanding how to improve team performance, many entrepreneurs have trouble finding a reliable partner who acknowledges their needs and walks with them through the implementation.

We have conducted thorough research within the ecosystem, finding exciting needs and opportunities. Players in the enterpreneurship ecoystem currently direct lots of energy towards making investments in established businesses. More effort could be spent on enabling these companies to perform beyond expectations. Although talent is repeatedly flagged as a key issue by management teams around the world, few local ecosystems address this systemic challenge.

In 2014 the edge team set out to becoming a full provider of solutions to support fast-growing companies to achieve their best possible performance. Based in Nairobi, we have worked in-depth with over 80 organizations across East Africa – and the journey continues!

Edge Talents, edge, talents, right hire, hiring, what is edge, edge talents
Edge Talents, edge, talents, right hire, hiring, what is edge, edge talents