Network Partner

Responding to the widely-perceived gap between university education and the marketplace for jobs, the Amani Institute’s mission is to develop next-generation talent for addressing social challenges. Throughout all our work, we build much-needed capacity in civil society organizations, enabling more effective operations across the entire field.

Methodology Partner

Dojo4Life is a business and a movement. Leaning on the Constructive Developmental Framework, ancient concepts from Martial Arts and other technologies, Dojo4Life packages the power of Executive Coaching at the right price at the right level. Through peer-to-peer ‘nudging’ a powerful physical and virtual practicing environment is created.
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edge is a member of the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs. ANDE is a member-driven organization that identifies and addresses systemic challenges facing small and growing businesses in the developing world. The interaction with various ANDE members is very exciting: Together we discuss performance challenges facing fast-growing businesses and partner on solving these through our services. Especially Accelerators and Investors are keen to improve the human capital side of their portfolios.

Institutional Partner

Potencia Ventures backs initiatives that contribute to building a stronger ecosystem for business that serves the base of the pyramid in emerging markets. Potencia Ventures has funded much of edge’s early product development work and provides strategic advice on its operations and direction.