The statement “I work as a recruiter!” is quite the conversation starter, whether with friends, family or strangers!

Many people are curious about job hunt tips and whether we have open jobs fitting their interests. And lately, more and more people are asking what it’s like to be a recruiter.

To make this amazing career better known, we’ve published videos of the team answering frequent questions, and wrote about what a typical day looks like in ours recruitment team and the 5 reasons why we love working in recruitment. We’re so excited that hundreds of you are reading our blogs!

After a team lunch last week we realized that we haven’t yet talked enough about one crucial thing:

Being a recruiter at edge gives you a MILLION opportunities to create IMPACT in the world around you!

1) Your clients’ impact is your impact!

If we’re able to find a successful grant writer for a youth career development program, we’re helping hundreds of vulnerable youth stay in school and become breadwinners in their communities. If we’re successful in attracting top marketing talent to a business bringing solar to Kenya’s transport sector, then the tons of CO2 that will be saved make us feel really proud. Making dozens of phone calls to find empathetic social workers may feel tedious but once the client’s counselling hotline is able to double the number of teenagers in distress reached, it’s all worth it!

At edge we work with some of the most exciting social innovators in East Africa developing solutions to take society forward and we’re part of their success.

2) You connect candidates with their dream jobs

The most obvious way of creating impact is that at the end of a recruitment project a candidate gets an awesome job, one they’ve been dreaming of for some time. To finally move back to Western Kenya, closer to home and the family. To finally take the next step and oversee an entire finance department. To finally leave a toxic work environment and get a leadership role where they can use empowering management styles with their team.

3) You help job seekers learn and develop 

At edge we challenge ourselves to consciously design all aspects of the candidate interaction in an empowering way. Usually, only one in 50 or even 300 applicants will get the job, so the process can feel frustrating to candidates. We get creative: How do you give someone who was really hopeful the sad news in a time-efficient manner while sharing relevant career tips with them? How do you run interviews that help you learn the applicant’s true strengths while enabling them present their best selves? Many candidates tell us that through our unique assessment tools they learned more about themselves, and feel more confident and prepared for their future job search.

Amazing initiatives led by our recruitment team such as the and Career Happiness Center have tens of thousands of readers. Regularly our recruiters add new tips, engaging stories and educative content based on trends they see in the jobseeker market. And in the end you sign up promising candidates to the CV database, even if this time the job wasn’t for them and build a growing community of passionate professionals who are building meaningful careers.

4) They say that to change the world you have to change yourself first 

As a recruiter at edge, you constantly raise the bar and challenge your own worldview: By the time you have a candidate shortlist, you’ve interacted with hundreds of professionals committed to building solutions to the most pressing issues of our times. When you screen applications, you read through past achievements and watch video applications of key learnings top professionals have made in their career. You network with senior talent across industries to tap their networks in finding great candidates for your roles. Honestly: Understanding what industry leaders work on and how they think makes you raise your own bar to what an impactful life and career looks like! Aiming for excellence is a winning mindset to shape your life and impact those around you.

Does this sound like the kind of meaning and impact you’re looking for in your career?

Check out the open roles at the bottom of the Join Us page. And tweet us your questions!

The path to success in our recruitment team is not the course you studied, but your critical thinking, your ability to motivate yourself and the energy you put into developing a new range of skills and mindsets!

We’re not going to tell you that it’ll be easy! But as you’ve seen in this article, it’s totally worth it 🙂