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The work environment at edge

Join us if you want to work in talent acquisition, a business advisory firm, or wondered what it takes to help organizations build high performing teams! We know you are cautiously thinking through which work environment fits you best and brings your talents out to shine, so this article is for you!

Why your employees’ mental health should be a priority for you as a manager.

Mental wellness at work is not a fad. It’s become a key determinant of job seekers when they are applying for jobs and deciding which employers they want to work for. In addition, organizations that are prioritizing their employees well being are attracting top talent and sustaining a productive workforce. Want to learn more about why you should care about mental health as a manager? Read this blog.

13 reasons why your recruiter hasn’t gotten back to you

In this age of technology and communication getting ghosted after applying for a job must be one of the most painful things to experience, even sometimes more painful than being ghosted by your significant other.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons your recruiter hasn’t gotten back to you. Some of them are simple yet unexpected.