Everyone is looking to get a job that they like, and that is aligned with their career ambitions, which is not an easy feat considering the statistics around unemployment. As such, there is a TONNE of advice given; from friends, family, acquaintances and the internet about job-hunting techniques. Some of it is great, some of it…..not so much.

Today we share with you 4 pieces of advice we believe you should ignore if you’re in the job-hunting stage:

1. Your CV is the only important document that matters – As recruiters, we have severally received job applications from job seekers who have great CVs, but effortless application responses. The CV is no longer the only document thoroughly analyzed and is not the only tool used to make a decision. Companies with application forms do so for a reason; they want to see how clearly you communicate your thoughts, how well you follow instructions, and if you’re a good fit for their organizational culture. Please put in the work to submit a good job application.

2. Dropping your documents physically increases hiring chances – Long gone are the days when walking into an organization to drop your documents granted you a chance to a job opening. Most, if not all organizations now use digital means to run their hiring processes. If you’d like an organization to have your profile, you can reach out to them through the right channels as outlined on their website, or social media platforms, or connect to relevant parties on LinkedIn, and request for this information.

3.Patience will get you the right job – Just applying for jobs and waiting for a response is no longer enough. Nowadays, job seekers need to take more initiative, especially considering the fact that jobs will not always be advertised on mainstream platforms. So use LinkedIn to reach out to recruiters and hiring managers, go to networking events, work with a career coach, send out that email asking for a connection, and so forth. You’ll be surprised how your luck can change if you take the initiative to ask for help. Check out our article on how to ask for help when job hunting and what to avoid.

4. Apply to multiple jobs by the same organization – Again, this is something we have encountered as recruiters; job seekers applying to multiple, different jobs in the same organization. While we empathize with the fact that the job market is narrow, it’s important to understand that organizations are looking to hire people who are capable of clearly aligning their skills to the needs of the organization. Therefore, applying to different jobs within the same organization might be misinterpreted as a lack of self-awareness and focus on the career path you want to pursue. Most importantly you don’t want to end up on the wrong side of the books of the organization. Check out this article that highlights what may land you on a recruiters/organizations blacklist

We hope you found these pointers insightful. As always, you can find more related content on our Career Happiness Center

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