Have you been looking for a job lately, and just feel like you’re in a rut and things are not moving? 

Approaching job hunting with clear goals and strategies is more likely to increase your chances of success.

Many times, when we have interacted with job seekers, they are rather in shock to hear that the number of job applications is not directly related to your success. And just sending out applications and hoping it will all work out is not a strategy either.

It may also surprise you to hear that you have a good amount of control over your job hunting hustles. How recruiters perceive you through lenses such as; how you present your best self in an interview, the level of effort in your job hunting, the awareness of what value you can add, the quality of your application, etc. is all dependent on you. 

Today, we’re sharing with you 5 key strategies you can adapt to support you in hacking the hustle of job hunting:  

1. Map out your target jobs and organizations – Narrowing down your search to companies and jobs that are aligned to your career plans & interests makes it easier for you to confidently articulate your skills and experiences when applying, and in the event of talking to a hiring manager; you’re more confident and clear on what value you can add. With the rise of companies seeking more intentional and purposeful applications, there’s no need for you to apply for irrelevant jobs that will not contribute to your career growth.

2. Use multiple proactive approaches – Sent applications on the 5 websites and think it’s enough? Have an active LinkedIn account and connect to all your prospective employers and confidently reach out to them, that’s what LinkedIn is for. Sharing relevant industry content also shows that you’re passionate about the work that you do. Go to career fairs, talk to your professional networks, attend career coaching if you need more guidance mapping out your career, schedule informational chats with people who are in your target jobs, and they may help you get your foot in the door….see where I’m heading?

3. Update your CV constantly – Listen. Don’t undermine added responsibilities even if they are not in your JD. If any additional work you’re doing is adding value to your department/organization, include it, but ensure it’s relevant to the jobs you are applying for. Even better; have multiple resumes you can use, especially if you’re looking to transition careers.

4. Set periodic job hunting goals – Whether it’s updating your CV, connecting to a number of people on LinkedIn, doing market research, going to a career event, talking to 5 other people outside your circle in the industry. All these small steps; when articulated into a plan are more doable and set the pace to being intentional, which is the foundation of job hunting. 

5. Prepare for interviews – Yes! This is part of it too. If you can, run dry runs with a friend and see how well prepared you are, research the organization, Google likely interview questions based on the JD and have your success stories at your fingertips, always!

We leave you with this short video that highlights some tips about for preparing for interviews. 

What tactics have you used in your past hunting hustles to secure a job?
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