Sector: NGO transitioning some livelihoods projects to Social Businesses

Company size: Around 65 staff with 20 in management roles

Location: Riftvalley, Kenya

Situation to address:

  • Little clarity on how to drive the business across the team
  • Fear in the team of loosing the “family culture” during transition
  • Need for a mindset shift: from grant receiving implementers to entrepreneurial business owners

edge engagement (4 months):

  • Who is on board team mapping to identify strenghths to leverage on during the shift. Identified the gaps to be filled.
  • Talent reallocation to right people on the right jobs. Conversation around intrisic drivers and allocation matching role requirements.
  • 4 skill workshops around feedback, team communication, strategic thinking and business modelling.


  • 85% of staff gained more clarity and ownership of their roles.
  • Increased ownership contributed to detection of theft through staff.
  • Consciously hired a very creative and extroverted program manager to create a more balanced and diverse management team.
  • Better understanding on social enterprises reducing tension and fear of failure.