Exploration Drive

Exploration Drive

Thinking out of the box

better: Thinking like there is no box

Hi team,
Thanks for being prepared, present, open and engaging during our workshop!

From the drivers profiles we realized that we can benefit from more explorative, creative and inventive energy in the team.
I have an idea to offer to help develop the skills and mindset relating to exploration drive!

Please watch this TED talk. It’s 13 minutes long but I promise: it’s really practical!

Reflection questions on the video:

  • What key insights am I getting from the video that are applicable to my work right now?
  • What is convergent information? What is “the box”? What has shaped “my box” over the course of my education and career?
  • Considering divergent information & working without direction – What emotions come up for me?
  • The speaker talks about killing our own or other ideas early – what are my patterns in killing ideas early?

Make a plan for how you will invite more creativity into your work and life:

  • From the above reflections, what 2-3 things do you realize that you should start doing and stop doing?
  • The presenter spoke about some creativity methods (Association of ideas, Combination of ideas, Applying old principles in new areas) and gave an example. But there many more practical resources, tools and tricks out there! An example list with lots of great tips to enhance creativity is this list. Research online and pick a few ideas that you commit to trying out (3 are enough!).
  • What is the environment you need to create for yourself to be more explorative? What changes do you want to make in your work and department to invite more inventiveness, creativity and exploration?

Keep trying – and keep playing with the different skills, until something starts working!

All the best, Manuela