Why am I getting all these interviews but not getting hired? When will I ever get promoted? How will I transition into a different career? Have you ever grappled with these questions? And have you ever wondered how developing confidence may help you navigate them? Confidence is a critical element of career success. Could it be that you’re great on paper but don’t exude confidence in job interviews? Have you approached your boss about that promotion? Have you reached out for help to figure out how to transition into a different career? In all these areas, and more, confidence is a key ingredient for success. We highlight three ways below, developing confidence can boost your career.

1. You are known for being assertive– Assertiveness is the quality of being self-assured, bold, and confident without being aggressive (Wikipedia). Let’s cut through the chase, you are going to make it only so far in your career if you; don’t stand up for yourself, express your opinions and ideas, make difficult decisions, stand your ground when needed, propose uncommon solutions, reject offers that don’t match your worth, set and communicate your boundaries with your new employer, position yourself as a great candidate expressing your successes and strengths in a compelling manner and so on. Here is an article with practical situations on how to practice assertiveness at work.

2. Getting yourself out of the comfort zone – This one is a tricky one. Often we think we need to be/feel confident in order to get out of our comfort zone. Actually, we don’t. If you talk to many people that have taken risky decisions and bold moves, they did so while still being scared. However, one small step at a time results in increased levels of confidence. So you got to act even when afraid. Confidence is a muscle that only grows with practice. Up-skilling, transitioning to a new field, pursuing a postgraduate degree, volunteering to develop new skills, asking your supervisor to support you in your career development, etc – all of these things will scare you in the beginning, and then they will not. Eventually, you will take more and more steps to evolve, learn, and ask for what you really need to propel your career forward. In case you have been wondering what career direction to take lately, ask yourself these 5 questions and start taking those tiny little steps to get out of your comfort zone!

3. Making better career decisions – Career growth is filled with a tonne of decisions that need to be made – Should you apply for that job? Should you pay for that online course? Should you work with a Career Coach? Should you share your new idea that could cut costs to your supervisor? Should you approach that hiring manager on LinkedIn to ask about a job opportunity? Should you leave your job despite not having found a new one? All these questions require you to trust you will be able to work through whatever repercussions arise as a result of the decision taken. This type of trust and self-assuredness comes from taking the time to understand ourselves, our needs and values, and clearly knowing what will make us feel fulfilled and successful in our careers. Needless to say, the more you grow, the tougher the career decisions you will need to take!

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