So your job hunting hustles have paid off, and you’ve been invited for an interview with the recruiter, or the hiring manager. How do you ensure you’re prepared to succeed in the interview and potentially get shortlisted, or better yet, get the job? We’ll be sharing with you some tips today.

But first, why not begin by checking out this interview checklist we created. 

And now, the tips:

1. Show up on time for the interview (always communicate in advance, communication is a key skill in any job and lack of doing so could lead to you being potentially disqualified)

2. We can’t stress this enough: Do your research; about the organization, projects, financial state, culture, etc.  Not only will this show the interviewer that you’re prepared, but it also shows that you did your due diligence and emphasizes your interest to join the organization. 

3. Reflect on and prepare your answers in advance. How? Go through the job description, as many times as you can, identify relevant roles you have undertaken, list your successes, include challenges you faced and how you navigated them. If it’s a managerial role; think about the sizes of teams managed, your coaching approach, attained results by said team, project goals versus achieved results, etc. Google is your friend here guys. Look up anticipated questions for what you’re applying for and the expected answers.

4. Use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, and Result) method to answer questions. Here is a great article to kick you off; there are plenty more on the World Wide Web where this came from. This approach is also key to keep in mind when making written job applications.

5. Ask questions after the interview! We know it can be nerve-wracking for some of us to know what to ask a recruiter or employer at this stage. However, we highly recommend that you still ask. If you don’t know what to ask, here is an article that can guide you. Pick what is relevant and connects with you. Asking questions shows the recruiter/hiring manager that you’ve reflected on the role you applied for and you get extra points if your questions are brilliant! 

What are some of the other tips you know of that have helped you ace your interviews? 
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