About edge

We enable individuals and organizations tap their potential by creating innovative and transformational human capital and workplace solutions.


For socioeconomic growth to happen in our countries and communities, we need all hands on deck: Everyone has the ability, talents and energy to create something amazing and contribute to building our positive future!

When an individual taps their full potential and works in flow with their passions and strengths and collaborates effectively with others, everything becomes possible. When people take the driver’s seat in their development, magic happens!

We believe that an innovative, empowered and mentally healthy workforce can tap the exciting opportunities around us and build sustainable solutions to our most pressing socioeconomic challenges.

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At edge we passionately support those with potential and drive to create a positive future for East Africa. We enable individuals and organizations to tap their potential by creating innovative and transformational human capital and workplace solutions.

We create and deploy playful & inspiring spaces, conversations and tools that enable individuals to gain the clarity, skills and confidence they need to maximize their human potential, view their careers with new lenses prompting them to take bolder steps towards their life aspirations.

Our programs have enabled over 50 senior professionals to transit into new careers, increase confidence and bring to life their passion projects.
Our rich, engaging and practical career content has served over 5,000 career professionals virtually.

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edge offers a strong support model for ambitious organizations as they tackle the most pressing human capital challenges on their growth journey. Through strategic conversations, toolkits and design and learning journeys, managers and teams identify and tap opportunities around collaboration, performance and results.

In East Africa since 2015, we have worked in-depth with 70+ growth-oriented impact entrepreneurs and their teams across sectors enabling them to build out capacities around people strategy, talent recruitment and development, performance management and organization culture.

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Most of our work happens across East Africa. From Western Kenya to Tanzania to Rwanda and Northern Uganda: We understand the realities and what it takes to build something that works in your unique context.

With our virtual approach, all our services are easily accessible globally. We have worked with entrepreneurs in India, Europe, the US and are actively growing beyond the region and are forging global-reach partnerships with universities, funders and other like-minded organizations.