Want to take a leap and looking for support?

Looking for a meaningful career?


Want to shift from your current role or industry?


Feeling uncertain on how to package yourself to get your dream job?


Or do you feel like something is holding you back but can’t put a finger on it yet?



If this sounds like you, join our Career Acceleration Program to develop the necessary skills and confidence to live a career ful of meaning and purpose!

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What you will get:


1. Confidence to take bolder steps towards your dreams in life

2. Identify and learn about the skills required to accelerate your career

3. Experiential learning: practice the skills learnt and get immediate feedback

4. Learn from experienced trainers who have had their own accelerated careers

5. Self-awareness and clarity on your personal journey

6. A trusted community of peers

How the Career Masters works:


– First: Your individual needs analysis

– Your homework: Readings, personal reflections using transformative tools, drivers mapping tool

– A full-day workshop with a pre-selected audience

– Optional: Follow-up group coaching sessions (Saturday mornings)

– As you need: 1on1 coaching sessions with additional tools, reflection and guidance

– Alumni Network and Master Classes

What our clients have to say!

I joined the Career Masters to learn to package my skills and experiences in a more compelling way. The workshops and series of reflections helped me map my talents and identify jobs that fulfil my values and needs. I became more strategic in my job hunt. I just received an offer for a role I would initially not have pursued!
Florence, 39

What I enjoyed most was on reflecting about our needs and feelings aligning them with our career path.

It was good to be around people who have similar challenges to mine and I got to think of how to overcome my challenges

An eye-opener to some simple stuff we ignore and take for granted in our careers.

The facilitators are knowledgeable and gave brilliant presentations

I loved how the knowledge was very relevant to me and super applicable.

The coaching is very interactive and gives a personal perspective and that is imperative.