Don’t know what you are really good at? Try this simple activity over the next few days. Probably one of the most powerful things, I have ever done.

  • Make a list of 3-4 close friends from different circles. Spiritual, party/drinking buddies, workplace best buddy, former best boss/colleague, one hater who pretends to be a friend, and so on
  • Send them these reflection questions, asking for genuine feedback. What am I really good at/what comes naturally to me? What is the one thing, if I did better or developed muscle for, I would be an even more awesome individual? What do you think is holding me back from my highest potential?
  • Take them out for a coffee and just listen. Listen. Just Listen.
  • Consolidate everything, let it marinate, watch it sink in. Then make a start, stop continue plan.
  • Implement your plan and watch the magic happen