Sector: Foundation

Company size: 20 staff globally, one in East Africa

Location: KenyaANDE

Situation to address:

  • Need to hire a second person on the ground, though very limited time and recruitment experience in the team (local and global)
  • Limited budget available and typical headhunter charge up to 1.5 monthly salaries

edge engagement (3 months):

  • Identification of the required profile, including talent mapping of the current local staff member.
  • Targeting suitable talent through direct approaching and a variety of promotional channels, leading to over 150 applicants
  • Screening of talent, both virtual and physical interview, forwarding 4 final candidates to ANDE
  • Support in the final selection decision
  • Onbording workshop for the two staff discussing how to leverage their differences to create synergy


  • New staff joined 10 weeks after the first conversation
  • Truly diverse team on the ground
  • One year after: Great performance and team work, with plans to hire a 3rd member!